We believe that reaching net zero is achievable, but a huge push is necessary to decarbonize our industries and societies.

Fostering a liveable planet and achieving net zero will require innovation, technological change, an entrepreneurial mindset, as well as capital providers able to identify and support the right ideas. That is why we created Pelion Green Future.

We invest in and support like-minded entrepreneurs, companies and technologies which help tackling the climate crisis at its root cause.

For us, this starts with ‘cleaning up’ the energy economy by scaling up existing renewable energy sources while also investing in new technologies that help us generate, store, and use low-carbon electricity globally. Decarbonizing the energy economy means decarbonizing a large share of total emissions. ‘Green energy’ is therefore at the core of our activities.

But to drive a large-scale decarbonization, we will need to rethink infrastructure and technological systems more broadly – which is why we also invest in companies focused on different climate technologies that help us achieve net zero.

Our purpose

Catalyzing decarbonization solutions to foster a liveable planet.

We are a long-term investment partner, fostering innovation to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner future. With entrepreneurial spirit at our core, we provide capital, network, and support beyond the obvious – empowering visionaries around the world in building and scaling successful companies that help people and nature thrive. We believe that by working together with our partners, we can contribute to creating a sustainable future for all.

Our portfolio

Our impact by the numbers

We strive for impact and decarbonizing our systems. While it reflects only a part of our activities, our investments accelerate the build out of renewable energy sources and produce clean energy daily for thousands of households across the world, thereby offsetting CO2 and ensuring a cleaner future.


Energy in development


of renewable energy is currently being developed by our partners across the globe.


Energy being produced


of renewable energy capacity stemming from assets our partners own.


CO2 offset by our partners


of Carbon Dioxide will potentially be offset each year through our partners current assets and projects in development.

Sustainability at our core

Our sustainability commitment

Sustainability is at the core of our business strategy as well as our office life. We power our offices with renewable energy and incentivize positive lifestyle choices and principles.

We are committed to measuring our carbon footprint and offsetting it through meaningful climate projects. Pelion has teamed up with Climate Partner to offset our emissions from our activities by supporting the Clean Drinking Water project in Kono, Sierra Leone.

Access to clean water and sanitation empowers communities and is critical in reducing water-borne diseases and health crises across Africa. Tackling climate change requires collective effort.

Additionally, we are a premium member of Leaders for Climate Action, a climate protection initiative of over 1000 entrepreneurs and business leaders from all over the world. Each year, Pelion joins its Time for Climate Action Campaigns.

Climate Partners

Our reach

Global Ambition

The climate crisis cannot be solved by one individual, company or only in a certain region of our world. It’s a global problem that requires global solutions. At Pelion, we partner with entrepreneurs and businesses from every corner of the globe to tackle this challenge. We aim to facilitate knowledge, skills, and learnings sharing across our partners and portfolio companies to create and leverage synergies.