The quest to decarbonize our planet, our economy, and society is the most significant challenge of our time.

Creating a greener planet for future generations will require significant innovation enabled by capital providers that identify and support the right ideas. This is why we created Pelion Green Future.

Aiming to be the catalyst for change and innovation, we invest in, and partner with companies and entrepreneurs with a focus on green infrastructure and technologies. We are long-term oriented and see ourselves as both investors and entrepreneurs.

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Working with both early stage and established businesses, Pelion Green Future focuses on furthering relationships and investments in two key categories.



We provide long-term capital to experienced entrepreneurs and innovative platforms that develop, build, and operate renewable energy and decarbonisation solutions.

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We invest in early-stage GreenTech companies focused on enabling the transition towards a cleaner future for our planet through innovative solutions and disruptive technology.

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Investing in people

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The team behind Pelion

Driven by a shared vision, our team works together to identify, assess, and support cutting-edge technologies, innovative ideas, and smart investments that will help the planet thrive for many years to come.

Our people

We are continuously looking for bright and committed minds that share our mission to build a sustainable and clean future. In case you’re interested in joining us, take a look at our vacancies.


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