Investment areas

Pelion invests stage-agnostic in public and private markets with a strategy centred around two core verticals that allow it to identify and pursue the best opportunities and innovations.



We provide long-term capital to experienced entrepreneurs and innovative platforms that develop, build, and operate renewable energy and decarbonisation solutions.

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We invest in early-stage GreenTech companies focused on enabling the transition towards a cleaner future for our planet through innovative solutions and disruptive technology.

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Our portfolio

Our partners

Green Infrastructure

GreenTech Ventures

Investment Criteria

What we are looking for

  • Entrepreneurial approach

    We look for do’ers. For those who move fast, stay creative, and who take full ownership for their companies, teams, and activities.

  • Mission driven

    Selling cars is easy. Solving the climate crisis is not. We are looking for partners who share our vision that only technological change will really help us achieve a net-zero world.

  • Experts in their field

    Experience, deep passion for an area, or a hunger to become better every day.

  • Innovators

    We work with those who challenge the status quo and constantly think about how they can get better every day.

  • Long-term mindset

    We value long-term partnerships over short-term optimization.

  • Impact

    We solely invest in companies that have a sizeable positive impact on the environment and communities alike.

Why Pelion

Partner benefits

We work hands-on with our portfolio companies and focus on empowering our partners to run and grow their businesses in the best possible way.

  • Long-term focus

    As a privately financed company we are long-term oriented and not bound to any fund lifecycles. For our partners we want to achieve sustainable growth opportunities

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    We see ourselves as both investors and entrepreneurs, and ensure our partners remain owners and true entrepreneurs – with full responsibility and upside

  • Unrivalled industry knowledge

    We operate as a diverse team with a broad range of expertise and will utilize our global network of industry experts to bring the best possible know-how to our partners

  • Support beyond the obvious

    We work hands-on with our partners whenever and wherever necessary, whether that concerns talent recruitment or entering a new market

  • Passion

    We founded Pelion to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner future. We work with entrepreneurs who share that mission


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