Investment areas

Pelion invests in private markets with a strategy centered around two core verticals that allow it to identify and pursue the best opportunities.


Renewable Energy Development

We provide long-term capital to entrepreneurs that develop renewable energy solutions.

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Infrastructure Platforms

We invest in companies and innovative platforms along the value chain of clean energy generation.

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Our portfolio

Our partners

Renewable Energy Development

Infrastructure Platforms

Investment Criteria

What we are looking for

  • Entrepreneurial approach

    We look for do’ers. For those who move fast, stay creative, and who take full ownership for their companies, teams, and activities.

  • Mission driven

    Selling cars is easy. Solving the climate crisis is not. We are looking for partners who share our vision that only technological change will really help us achieve a net-zero world.

  • Experts in their field

    Experience, deep passion for an area, or a hunger to become better every day.

  • Innovators

    We work with those who challenge the status quo and constantly think about how they can get better every day.

  • Long-term mindset

    We value long-term partnerships over short-term optimization.

  • Impact

    We solely invest in companies that have a sizeable positive impact on the environment and communities alike.

Why Pelion

Partner benefits

We work hands-on with our portfolio companies and focus on empowering our partners to run and grow their businesses in the best possible way.

  • We are entrepreneurs ourselves

    We have established our own companies and have faced the same challenges (e.g., hiring excellent people, taking risks). As such, we have fast decision processes, seek opportunities and dare new things.

  • We provide flexible & long-term capital

    Our investments are long-term focused and not bound to typical fund lifecycles. We can deploy capital quickly, reinvest our proceeds and invest stage-, business-model- and geography-agnostic. We can offer financing structures based on our partners’ needs.

  • We are your growth partner

    We support you in growing your business through ups & downs by being the best partner possible. As committed partners, we aim to join board/governance structures and will deploy resources quickly along various options - from operational support to sharing best-practice advice to strategic dialogue.

  • We understand (y)our industry

    We are deep experts in our core focus technologies (that is renewable energy, batteries/energy storage, and other decarbonization technologies) and have a strong perspective on upcoming trends and market developments.


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