Samara helps Spanish households accelerate their transition to a smarter, more efficient and sustainable energy generation and consumption model. Headquartered in Madrid, Samara was founded by Iván Cabezuela and Manel Pujol. The Samara team accompanies households to move to clean energy from start to finish – providing a personalized study, installation, maintenance, and monitoring.

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Key facts

  • Founding date: 2022

  • Founders: Iván Cabezuela & Manel Pujol

  • Sector: Residential Clean Energy

  • HQ: Madrid, Spain

  • Geography: Spain

  • Year of investment: 2022

Our partnership

Founder spotlight

“Pelion has invested significant quality time with us from the start which has allowed us to move much faster and avoid costly mistakes. They have been very supportive both in deep strategic decisions we had to make but they also rolled up their sleeves with us to execute on purely operational topics. Through this work we’ve come to know them well and now consider them as a key part of our team more than an investor.”

  • Manel Pujol & Iván Cabezuela

    Co-Founders Samara

Why we invested

Our perspective

The transition of Spain’s residential solar market is still in its infancy and Samara is primed to be the leading player in this field. Their end-to-end approach, which leverages software and technology, allows customers to adopt solar energy in their homes – simply and quickly. We are proud to be supporting Manel and Iván in scaling Samara from the very beginning and look forward to capturing this opportunity together moving forward.